it’s a new year already?

I started off the new year like many other resolution-ers,  let’s hit the gym. But, that didn’t come from wanting to lose weight, or get ripped – all though, those sound pretty good too.

As some of you know, I spent a good portion of 2015 visiting doctor’s offices, making appointments with various specialists, including a take-home sleep apnea kit. Although I admire our Canadian medicare, I still wasn’t satisfied with “all your results have come back healthy and normal” when you don’t really feel healthy, nor normal. As most women can attest to, we know our bodies pretty well. When something is out of line, or not quite right, we notice. Call us hypochondriacs all you want, but I like to consider it “being in tune with one’s inner workings”.

So, with that all said, I still can’t seem to be rid of these epic bruises that are making their literal marks on my lower extremities. Now I’m not just talking a little pinky sized bruise here, I’m talking fist sized and purple as Grimace from McDonald’s. One can only imagine some of the reactions I received while wearing shorts at the gym. Including, but not limited to, one lady tapping me on the shoulder, looking at me from head to toe, followed by staring me in the eyes and giving me that “girl, you need to get out of that battered relationship” look. You know, the one where their eyes are kind of bulging out of their sockets, head tilt sideways, and lips pursed all while staring deliberately at my seemingly battered legs.

Really, I don’t know what they’re from.

I figured at one point they may be caused from work. I’m an event planner, so it’s natural that at some point during an event, I’m up on a ladder, moving tables, bumping into chairs, or manhandling backdrop decor.

That, makes sense.

But once I started being more cautious of my everyday movements in order to monitor these unexplainable bruises, I became even more stumped. I hadn’t bumped, hit, fell, or knocked into anything, and yet, there they were.

Now back to the gym.

After countless tests, pokes, and prods from various physicians, I figured the best I could do is go back to basic health benefits. Might as well right? Vitamins, daily exercise, 8 glasses of water a day, eating healthy and proportionately, and ample amounts of sleep. The bruises still show up once in a while, but I gotta say, the stronger I get, and the ‘healthier’ I feel, I think they’re starting to show up less and less. Who knew?!

As modern individuals, we rely so much on drinking a tasty and sugar-filled VitaminWater in order to get our daily vitamin kick, but in my reality, I needed to take it back to where it all began. Straight up pill-form vitamins – and I can’t deny it’s working, whether for the bruises itself or simply just making me more aware of being a healthy being. If at the very least, being a health conscious woman is incredibly beneficial on all fronts.

The Fab Foodie YXE. Xoxo

A Ghost No More

After 70 days of being non-existent in the blogosphere, I’m here to claim I’m back on track… hopefully.

Seventy days may have passed, but it honestly feels like fourteen. Time has absolutely flown by, not to mention, it’s almost Christmas, which means it’s almost the end of 2015. C-R-A-Z-Y! Between many, many hours spent at the office (232 hours to be exact for last month – eek!), time spent with friends, concerts, family, and driving from province to province for corporate events, the past couple of months have gone by a little quicker than originally anticipated. But, tis the holiday party season, which means an ample amount of planning pour moi!

After making my TV debut for local fashion designer, Rebecca King, on CTV News, I booked another gig shortly thereafter! This time for Midtown Plaza Fashions modelling the newest fall fashions on Global TV. Woo!

img_5772 img_5770

For most of November and December, work was focused primarily on corporate events. Starting with our largest client, which happen to be a collection of five cities (Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton & Brandon) for children’s christmas parties! Yep, we supply decor for the adult christmas party, and while that is happening, we simultaneously organize/plan a FULL ON christmas party for the kidlets, which includes crafts, games, dinner, entertainment and movie time. The kids love it, and I basically run around the room for four hours like a chicken with its head cut off. Who knew planning weddings would seem to simple after dealing with 60 children between the ages of 1 – 10 years old?! This year was marked as “Minion Theme” – for those of you who don’t know what this means, get with it. It’s so hot in the kid world right now. Photo evidence below:




Continuing the corporate trail, another one of our largest and national clients, Gold Medal Plates. A local culinary competition that pairs with a fundraiser for our Canadian Olympic athletes. Can I say this is one of my favourite events?




Hosted by two lovely Canadian Olympians, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.


Selfie with Gold Medallist, Darren Craddock from Riverside Country Club!


Being a wannabe foodie, I thoroughly enjoyed watching chefs from all cuisine styles, educational backgrounds, and experience levels battle it out for the top prize, in this case being the “Gold Medal”. As it turned out, the National Gold Medal Plates committee hires an individual for each city strictly for social media. She did not show up…. after calling the head office and discussing what our options for replacement might be, the conversation went a little like this:

National GMP Committee (Lindsay): “Claire, can I ask how old you are?”

Me: “Oh sure. I’m 25”

Lindsay: “Would you say you’re a savvy 25 year old?”

Me: “Uhh yeah I guess I would”

Lindsay: “So, you know how to tweet, Instagram, use Facebook proficiently and code in HTML?”

Me: “Ummm… yes?”

Lindsay: “Perfect. You’re hired. Get a notepad ready cause you’re about to get a hell of a lot of information right now”

Me: “Shit”

Needless to say, I was metaphorically thrown into this new job position while continuously trying to make sure the rest of the event went smoothly. Holy crap!

But, good news. Saskatoon GMP got the most tweets, re-tweets, and general social media response out of any of the other eleven cities hosting Gold Medal Plates. I gotta tell ya, I was pretty proud of that.

Fast forward.

Road trip, again. But, this time was for a little work and play. Lethbridge, AB for decor delivery to a long-time client for their christmas party, and then decided to stay in the transportation/industrial city for a little weekend getaway.






Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Yay!

Fun never stops 🙂

The Fab Foodie YXE. Xoxo

After much anticipation and waiting… I was officially NOT diagnosed with sleep apnea. A relief, yes, but again puts me back to square one of not really knowing what the problem is. For now, let’s try some good ol vitamins, rest, and exercise!
As of last week, I have been in the local lime light a little more than usual. To start, the Saskatoon Star Phoenix featuring a co-worker Megan, myself, and our boss Crystal. Reppin’ the RSVP Team at PotashCorp Mayors Cultural Gala!


And the original:

From print to television!

A longtime local designer, and great gal pal-  Rebecca King, asked me to help her out on the CTV Morning News segment modeling a few looks from her newest collection. Without even skipping a beat, I obliged!

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 1.29.35 PM


Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 1.29.31 PM

Check out the clip here:


Thanks for watching!

The Fab Foodie YXE. Xoxo

Is that REALLY necessary??

For the past couple of months I have been battling with certain health issues that between my general physician, a new med student, and I just can’t quite figure out. Between the constant fatigue (even on 8-10 hours of sleep), random and yet profound bruising all over my lower body, and fluctuating body temperature – my symptoms seem to be odd enough that one thing just doesn’t add up. First inclination? Check the thyroid. Nope, nice and healthy!

After countless blood tests, pokes, prods, and check-ups, we’ve began to narrow it down to poor oxygen or circulation within the body. Good start, but I could have told you that months ago.

So… I’m being tested for SLEEP APNEA now. Oh dear.

Upon my arrival at the Provincial Sleep Group in Saskatoon, I was tested emotionally (sleep apnea can often be misdiagnosed as depression – who knew!) and properly fitted with the right machine for my body size. On a side note, the cute male nurse was a total charmer. After trying on three body straps that all seemed to be too big around my rib cage, I subsequently tried on the smallest one to which his response “Oh, you have such a tiny figure” made me giggle and smile like a grade school girl. But, in reality, what I really wanted to say was “yeah, but if this all pans out, I’ll have to sleep with an oxygen mask for the rest of my life – and that ain’t so sexy, pal”.

Carrying on.

Getting properly fitted for this machine is awkward, and although I wish I could leave it at that, I know it’s just too funny of a story to keep close to my chest. Pun intended. Let’s start with the fact that a polyester strap has to go around your chest JUST enough to squish you completely … and then you have to push the girls down so the monitor can get close enough to hear your heart beat. Why it can’t go under the girls…. no one knows. This makes for an incredibly awkward time when the cute male nurse has this device situated on you, while you’re trying to comfort your incredibly uncomfortable chest, two nasal prongs stuck up your nose, and tubing going down your arms like an overdosed hooker, all while he proceeds to talk to you about proper breathing techniques while sleeping. I’m sure this will haunt my inconsistent sleep patterns for many years to come.









For now, I await the day where my destiny is revealed, and whether it includes a hideous face mask or not. Let’s hope for the latter.

The Fab Foodie YXE. Xoxo


A Dog, A Baby, and Plenty of Weddings in Between

As of late, life has been the complete opposite of consistent. To start, last week my job description included: Dog Sitter.

A friend went fishing and needed someone to take care of their lovely dog, Nova, a beautiful mixed breed adopted from the SPCA. She’s the ultimate sweetheart, and to be honest, it was SO nice to take care of a pup again. PS: Today’s her 3rd birthday too 🙂


Her favourite… waking me up with a present. Thanks Nova, but I think I’ll pass on the slobbery monkey toy!

Waking up a bit earlier to go for a doggie walk, coming home and driving out to the dog park (but don’t say those words around her… she’ll go bananas!) and continuing on with your regular routines but, with a HUGE snuggle pal sitting beside you is truly pure bliss, if you ask me.

And on occasion, I get the opportunity to wear many different hats for my job. In this circumstance, it was acting as temporary babysitter for the bride & groom’s 9 month old little girl. A TOTAL sweetie too 🙂

Weddings, weddings, weddings. I tell ya, just call me J-Lo these days.

A naval inspired wedding at the local H.M.C.S. Unicorn Naval Reserve.



…And what wedding wouldn’t be complete without a late lunch served…. McDonald’s style. It was such a hit, I couldn’t get the cheeseburgers out of the bag fast enough! McDee’s for the win!

Off to our Farmer’s Market. The epitome of rustic beauty.



A little before and after shot of the above farmer’s market wedding. Quite the transformation we can make in mere hours!


The Fab Foodie YXE. Xoxo

Things End, But Memories Last Forever

It was a year ago today I arrived in Europe with an open heart and an open mind for the endless possibilities I was about to encounter. It not only ended up being one of the best experiences of my life to date, but in tow, created some amazing friendships that will truly last a lifetime. Alas, today is a bittersweet day, as one always wishes they were heading back to the land of adventure, culture, history, and top notch fun; but, I can remain glad knowing this past year, on this Road of Life, has been nothing short of fabulous and entertaining..

I am sometimes in awe of how time flies, but I FINALLY got around to completing the scrapbook I had always intended on creating after my travels ended.

Take a peek for yourself!!

Let the adventures keep on rollin’

The Fab Foodie YXE. Xoxo

The Life of an Event Planner

Well, it’s been a rather hectic end to the summer – filled with work, work and more work.

My social life has gone completely out the door, but at least it’s keeping me out of trouble!

For the past few weeks the only photos I have worth posting are work related. So, look out for a plethora of wedding decor pics below!

My new whip, Bessie!

I can now officially knock “Event Lead” off the annual bucket list.

Anxiety, stress, anticipation, excitement, nerve-racking … all described my thoughts on executing my first wedding SOLO!

I truly realized how rewarding it can feel when you are personally thanked for all the work you put in to make their day a memorable experience.

(Below photos)
A traditional Ukrainian wedding held at TCU Place for 430 guests. Vodka bar, perogies, and dancers included!

I mean, it’s all not so bad either – it can be hectic and chaotic during the moments prior to the ceremony and/or reception. But, during, I get the opportunity to see into the new family’s lives, and the love of the couple I had just previously and frantically worked for. Sitting down with their family, friends and co-workers, enjoying a meal with them, listening to their testimonies of the love and journey this couple has endured- it has turned this job into a bit of a romantic experience. And at times, it is a tremendous reminder of the love that is capable in this world. A bit of a “Faith in Humanity Restored” moment.

(Below photos)
A corporate event for the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, just to spice things up!

Until next time!

The Fab Foodie YXE. Xoxo