Euro Bound!!

I left for my European adventure this morning, and woke up calm and collected. I mean, I have been researching this trip for over a year now, and have been packing for a week. I. Am. Ready.


As I sit here now in the Toronto Airport, I couldn’t help but think about PARIS. UGH, Paris. I have always wanted to travel to Paris and it is finally becoming a dream come true. Eek! I can already envision and feel the cobble streets against my converse shoes as I stomp around Paris, the smoky air of cigarette addicted citizens, and the WONDERFUL fashion of the Parisian women as they prepare for the fall season! Again, UGH, Paris – I don’t know you yet, but I think I’m really gonna dig you. So, I figured I would start becoming a little more Parisian-chic by grabbing a glass of wine. I think this might be my new go-to when writing – white wine and blogging. A great combo if you ask me. I can feel the creative juices flowing already!!


Stay tuned for an update from Paris!!

The Fab Foodie YXE


2 thoughts on “Euro Bound!!

  1. Hi Claire, we are thinking of you! Have fun. Clare Barry (think Ottawa) now lives in Brussels and says you can contact her for anything plus you can stay with her. She is the Canadian government’s legal rep to the EU. I will email you her contact info. AB.


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