SLO Living

Just arrived at the new hostel in Lyon, France and it is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! Stunning. So clean, modern and everything is crisp white. The only thing dirty here, is probably my feet – yuck.

Today was a much needed travel day. After three full days of walking around Paris, I was looking forward to sitting for a few hours on the train.

This morning started with a lovely sleep in, followed by taking the metro to the Oberkampf area (super cool, if you haven’t been) where I shopped around for a little bit before heading out to the station to catch my train to Lyon in the early afternoon. Upon getting to the station with my BIG ASS BAG, I found out that I apparently didn’t completely confirm my e-ticket online, so they gave said ticket away. No problem, I dropped my bag off back at the hostel, which happened to be nearby, and back to shopping I go! Talk about making a positive situation out of a negative one!! I am my mothers daughter after all. Down to the Galeries Lafayette I went, and damn, I could have bought 100 things there *swoon*. Too bad my bag is only 45L! Not that I have been researching or anything… But, there IS a FedEx depot right across the street from Galeries Lafayette and they would be more than happy to send some beautiful goods back home for me…And wouldn’t you know that I’ll be back in Paris at the beginning of November. Hmm, who knew?! Tee hee hee!


But, on my way up from the metro to street level, I began walking up the stairs and felt something heavier on my backpack, so naturally, I turned around and there was someone trying to open my pack! My inner Parisian came out, and I slapped his hand away from my bag and yelled at him in my best French possible “Stupid Conchon!”. Needless to say he ran back down to the metro defeated and caught red handed. Damn straight, no one steals my hairbrush, blotting papers or map of Paris (those were the only things in the front pocket on my backpack HA!)

After a glorious snooze on the 2.5 hour train ride from Paris to Lyon, I arrived safe and sound and am now ready to trek around a new city!

The beautiful Gare de Lyon Train Station in Paris.


Daily basis, this is my “go-to” look!


A few pics of the Lyon Hostel “SLO Living Hostel” (my bed is the top bunk!)





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