Pâté pâté pâté and more pâté!

Today was a wonderfully slow start after staying up rather late with some good “mates” chatting on the terrace until the wee hours… So a sleep-in was much needed! A quick shower, and the gang were off to a local Lyon bouchons (look it up, they’re real gooood) called “Abel”. Damn good – and I don’t throw that out there very often… Or maybe I do now that I’ve been in France! I had this incredible salad, and could you guess what was it in? Yup, pâté. Hahaha. I’m addicted now. I apparently need to know how to make it, cause I will be going through mad withdrawal soon.


After that Tennessee Mike, and Barcelona Borje and I sat in the grass park overlooking the Rhône river and bike path and people watched for the rest of the afternoon and tried to soak up some of that beautiful French fall weather!

Back to the hostel we go, and as the night went on we started getting a real bad craving for something naughty… Food naughty… So for dinner? We went to McDonalds. And it was delicious haha!! A Royale with Cheese (Quarter pounder for the Canadians) but this came with BACON. YEP. Every now and again you have to indulge – everything in moderation right?!!



Belly’s full for the day. Stay tuned for my last day in Lyon tomorrow! Missing everyone – love love you! You know who you all are 🙂

The Fab Foodie YXE. Xoxo


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