Java Makes the World Go ‘Round

If you can believe it, I have gone a full week without having a single coffee, espresso or latte in Europe. The Latte Girl herself has gone 7 DAYS without coffee… Crazy! Especially considering coffee was a basic necessity during university!! But today, I finally found the tiniest Starbucks in downtown Lyon and it was as if the heaven gates had opened, and a beam of light was shining down on it. Yay!! I also knew that as a company policy, they must always have 1%, 2%, Skim, Almond and SOY MILK!! Score! “Bonjour, puis-j’avoir un chai latte avec lait de soja, s’il vous plait!” Yay, again! Instant happiness.

I moseyed my way around downtown in the opposite direction from previous days and found this incredible square with a great LYON sign/landmark! I couldn’t help but lie down in the hot heat (28C today) on the grass for a bit and snap a couple pics with my handy dandy iPhone stand.


Moving on. Off to the Lyon Opera House, which was originally built in the 18th century, but after time it became too small and was then redesigned in 1830. By the mid 1980s the opera house was once again no longer used as an opera house, nor the theatre for the ballet, so a competition for French architects was set up. Jean Nouvel won, and the new opera house was inaugurated in 1993. The cool thing about his design, was that it included the original outer walls of the old theatre, but added multiple underground levels and a semi-cylindrical dome on top to compliment the ballets needs. Cool, man.



The city comes to life when it’s warm outside. The metro is nearly empty and everyone walks everywhere. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! Note to self: A pedicure is going to be much needed in Spain, yeah, definitely.



A quick pit stop for an Orangina (another new obsession) and I decided to go check out the zoo and botanical gardens at Parc du Tête d’Or. Lions, and tigers, and bears – Oh my! Actually none of each… But there were some other cool creatures!




The female giraffe looked like “Sophie” for all you young moms and dads out there!!



I took way too many photos of the animals, but let’s be honest, most of the photos are pretty crappy but for some reason, at the time, you always feel the need to take pictures 😜 But, the botanical gardens – not a bad photo was taken. Stunning. Really, the photos probably don’t do the beauty justice.





Met some new travellers tonight from all of the globe. Literally speaking. London, Australia, New Jersey, Calgary and India! The stories continue to get more and more interesting.

Off for a couple beers at the local dive around the corner, and then off to Barcelona tomorrow. Stay tuned for some train side pictures of the rolling scenery… That’s only if I don’t fall asleep along the way!

The Fab Foodie YXE. Xoxo


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