Blog is Blowing Up!!

I don’t know what happened to my last 3 blog posts… They didn’t post nor save properly… Yikes. Eastern Europe isn’t necessarily known for their great technology/wifi, but I will try and recover the issues soon!!

For now, here is a quick run down:
-Train to Venice, stayed one night – love this city every time I visit.
-Overnight train to Villach, Austria – cute town, great beer – the final destination being Zagreb, Croatia
-Zagreb for 3 days – rented car and drove down Croatian coastline in Opel Corsa
-Zadar & Uglian Island- stunning views. Beach good.
-Split & Brac Island- good beach, great nightlife
-Dubrovnik- my legs hurt from walking up 339 stairs every day. But, very unique and cool city centre
-Train back up to Zagreb – stay the night and head to Budapest
– nightmare transport to Budapest, booked a direct train, ended up taking 4 buses and 3 trains to get there – estimated travel time: 4 hrs. Actual travel time: 12 hrs. Gross
-Budapest for 3 days – IN. LOVE. Architecture, culture, food, nightlife, friendly people…the list goes on
-Today: off to Prague!

The Fab Foodie YXE. Xoxo


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