#100daysofhappy – Day Six

My Crazy Faunt (Faux-Aunt) Carol is truly the greatest lady. I couldn’t wait to post this photo as it was an incredibly happy moment when I snapped this pic! Tonight, I watched Carol strut her stuff for the Choc’laCure Event in support of the Saskatoon Cancer Centre at Dutch Growers in Saskatoon. It’s a wonderful fundraiser that helps support individuals (women, men and children) fighting against the ugly “C” word. This woman has had her own personal struggles, although you would never know it, as she’s constantly laughing about life, showing off her big toothy grin, or giving you (or a stranger) a big welcoming hug.

You rocked it tonight Carol! Keep on, keeping on girl! Love ya.



The Fab Foodie YXE. Xoxo


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