#100happydays – Day Eighty Three

Today was a wonderful day. Most of the time when I get home from work, my mailbox is filled with bills or flyers. But this time was different. I received a letter from my lovely friend whom I met in Prague while traveling Europe. My friend, Amy Rose, is from Poole in the county of Dorset on the south coast of England. After spending such great memories together, sometimes Facebook just isn’t enough to fully understand what’s going in one another’s lives. Therefore, we became pen pals! We have been writing one another since January of this year, and it’s been an incredibly exciting, and yet lovely experience.

After getting inside, I immediately sat down to read what was new in Amy’s life, and couldn’t wait any longer to respond back! Thus, the writing began!

A little sketch to send to my dear Amy, and by morning it became the fashion inspiration for the day!

Let the happy days continue.

The Fab Foodie YXE. Xoxo


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